Friday, May 6, 2011

WEEK IN REVIEW - Spring Baby Time

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We had a pretty full week of school. It seems like Emme is just breezing through everything. I give her a bunch of things to accomplish and she's finished everything (correctly) before I turn around! She's even doing better in math, believe it or not!

I went to an advanced sixth grade spelling course (she's finishing up 5th grade but already finished the 6th grade spelling book) that we will work on through the summer. She finished up her reading book for the week (The 2nd in the Pippi Longstocking series) and read 6 of the "100 Greatest Bible Stories".

In nature study we have seen so many wondrous things. There are babies everywhere! Duck and geese babies, kittens, groundhogs, skunks, etc. We have 9 baby ducks swimming out in the backyard creek. We fed them today and they came right up to the bank. We've also seen lots of goldfinches, cardinals, and black-capped chickadees. Emme found a little dead bird one afternoon and we identified it as a common yellow-throated male warbler. Poor little thing. We also identified a great white egret - so regal! Love them :) Also in nature study this week we did some tree identification, which we will continue with next week.

In math I'm afraid to say it was more boring review worksheets. Drills. But she is getting them done correctly and in better time. So we'll call it progress!

We did a unit study on Cinco de Mayo where she learned about the history of the date as well as learned about Mexico, the Mexican flag, and did a few activity worksheets surrounding the holiday. (Not to mention we had chicken fajitas for dinner!)

Emme did lots of computer work this week as well as watched several educational videos - mostly on animals as she loves them and wants to be a vet someday.

More drills ensued with cursive handwriting! I know a lot of public schools don't even teach it anymore, but Em does 2 pages per day.

In Science we discussed humidity, water vapor, dew and then moved into cloud formation and the different types of clouds. We will continue with this next week as well.

We didn't do much in history this week - but that is because next week is World History week! I have a couple of projects planned as well as several books we'll discuss.

I hope everyone had a terrific week with their homeschoolers!


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  1. What an awesome week!! Spring is just made for learning.

    Popping in from the Wrap-Up.