Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lesson Planning

Here are some of our plans for the upcoming week:

Story of the World ch. 22, Revolution and The American Revolution

Supplement: Kings & Queens of Britain, George III and War with America

Review questions & narration. Map Work & coloring page. Make an American Flag.

Read : "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" by Longfellow and Intro to Dec of Independence

Chapter test.


Continue working on bird notebook.

Read in HB of Nature Study: p 27 - 37 birds

Utilizing Harmony Art Mom's suggestions on her blog for Spring Birds

Lots of bird watching and bird feeding going on at our home

Read pages 98-99 in "My Nature Journal"

Read pages 10-12 in "Bird Watching for Dummies"

Utilize Enchanted Learning

2 chapters in the Burgess Book of Birds.


Em finished her 6th grade spelling book, so we will be using the 6th grade word list HERE with worksheets HERE.


We have a 5th grade grammar book that we use and also use worksheets from a free download we received last week. We will finish 3 lessons.


3 chapters of her current reading book, reading comprehension (3 lessons), and we will start a new read aloud - not sure what it will be yet - perhaps Alice in Wonderland.

MATH: 4 review sheets and the introduction of a new concept.

CURSIVE: We still work on cursive and copywork! This week she will finish 3 lessons of cursive (6 pages) and will do 2 pages of copywork.

SOCIAL STUDIES: 2 lessons.

SCIENCE: 2 lessons.

There is always a lot more reading, drawing, coloring, projects, etc. But these are some of our plans for the week!


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