Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back to Homeschool - Link Round Up

We're off to another year here at Educating Emme.  We will  be using an accredited online school this year as well as co-op classes.  I plan to incorporate nature study, religion, lots of extra reading, current events, and some unit studies into her lesson plan as well. 

I saw this on Graceful Girlhood today and thought I would share:  Prayers for Teachers and Students.  I think we can all use these at this time of the year! 

Here are some links on planning your homeschool  year and homeschool rooms (even though I am sure you have already done this!) 

The Happy Housewife Plans Her Year

Dawn shows her wonderful school room

Homegrown Learners Home

And here are some posts that I have enjoyed while perusing through all of the homeschool blogs today!

If All Else Fails, Read!  by Three Thinking Mothers

Life on Locust Lane:  Making Your Home A Haven

The Weekly Wrap Up at Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Mommyhood Adventures: Constitution Day Prep  (we will be using these links!  Thanks!

The Homeschool Chick: In Our Nest this Week

Snapshots of an Unschooling Family

List of Unschooling blogs

I hope you find some of these links helpful!  I know when I need a boost or some inspiration to get my lesson planner out - all of your blogs definitely turn me in the right direction!!


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