Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Middle School Years

I absolutely cannot believe that it is that time of the year again!  I am simply amazed how quickly time flies. 

Emme has truly been a bump on a log for the past couple of months, and I will blame mostly myself!  There have been a lot of family issues over the summer and I have been on a tremendous journey of faith.  We've done a few nature walks and she has been reading a lot - so I will be happy with that!

School doesn't officially start until September 4th, as I am following the same school calendar as my two older children do.  However, we are going to start some pre-school activities just to get into the swing of things!

One hour daily of mandatory reading for both of us!  I probably read double that every day, but I know it helps if we are reading at the same time for it to be more consistent. 

We will be starting Beautiful Girlhood along with using the Companion Guide and this great blog, B'Twixt & B'Tween, that has lessons for each chapter! 

We'll be watching a few videos on Netflix about history and animals over the next few weeks too. 

The Blue Planet and The Story of Us are two series I've chosen. 

Here is a study guide for The Story of Us.  Here is an activity guide.

Study guide for The Blue Planet video 6, The Coral Seas

I have a few hikes planned for the girls and I as well.  And that is about all we'll do over the next few weeks until school officially starts!  I'm working on a mixture of curriculum this year.  I had planned to start with an online public school but there is a long waiting list - so I suppose that will just have to wait until 2nd semester!  So until that time I am going to be doing a very eclectic mix of Charlotte Mason, notebooking, and using Easy Peasy Homeschool as well!

Looking forward to a good year,


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  1. I hope she has a great school year :) We officially start tomorrow :)