Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up: Week Two!

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This was one crazy week! We homeschooled at work, in the car, at the kitchen table, and at Grandma's - but there was a lot of learning going on! That's the point, right?

MATH: Em is catching on to new concepts pretty well, but her times tables seemed to have slipped right out of her head over the summer. *sigh* TH and F we did some review sheets and some online multiplication flash cards. I think I'll have to keep doing review and build on it slowly with new things. How does one find their math brain?

GRAMMAR: We did a review of simple and complete subjects and predicates and worked on punctuation.

SPELLING: Our spelling words of the week were geographical words - which fit right in. The seven continents, four oceans, mountain ranges, etc. At the end of the week we do a quiz at Spelling City.
HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY: We had some important concepts and discussions this week regarding immigration, ethnicity, and prejudice. We also learned about different types of maps, made some vocabulary cards for our first 2 lessons, and did the hemisphere mini book
thanks to Practical Pages!

SCIENCE: In our main science book we learned about woody stems and soft stems. We also drew leaves and labeled them. In the CLP Nature Reader 5 Emme read up on the similarities between blood and sap. We also started a nocturnal animal lapbook. And please forgive me for forgetting where this link came from - but some other wonderful blogger directed us to nature footage and I was able to find all of these videos on nocturnal animals!

LITERATURE: We read an excerpt from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and did a notebook page on CS Lewis and one on Viking Ships along with a coloring page. Oh, and also watched the movie trailer!

READING: Emme is reading the book "Poppy" and we are reading aloud "The Witches" - and we are both loving it!

RELIGION: I was so excited to find the Heart of Wisdom Bible lesson plans! It' just what I was looking for. There are lessons, memory verses, handwriting practice, mini books, games and more. We also do one weekly lesson from our Women/Young Women of Faith Bible Study.

CURSIVE: Em's writing still isn't very good. (Neither are her brother or sister's!) I found a 5th grade version of Mastering Cursive and she does one page per day. She seems to be taking her time more and it is improving.

HOME EC WITH GRANDMA: Emme made some cupcakes with grandma yesterday and then went to the store with her to help pick out candy molds for the upcoming holidays. They will be learning to sew and making candy in the weeks to come! (I'll take pictures next time)

I wanted to share a resource that I found sometime last year that has come in really handy for us, it's called the easy test maker. Now I know a lot of people don't like worksheets, quizzes, etc., but it can be used in many different ways to work with all types of curriculum! I've been using it to make review sheets and vocabulary sheets so far, but I can see how it will be a big part of our school year.

I hope you all had a very blessed week with your homeschoolers!



  1. What a great week! My dd (9yo) loved the Poppy series of books.

  2. We used some Practical Pages this week, too -- love her mental math practice for both of my kids. I enjoyed reading your post today. I have a nine year old daughter who seems to be on much the same path as yours.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful week! Don't ya love weeks like that?

  4. Sounds like a great week. Thanks for all the links!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Your weeks sounds great- and busy. Aren't practical pages and homeschool share amazing?- so many talented people sharing!

  6. Love your post. My son has a "math" brain, and one thing that has really been working for his multiplication facts is using Legos! It is a very concrete visual manner to make sense of the basic facts. I'm stopping by from the weekly wrap up! Thanks for sharing your week!