Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mamas on Missions

So I am extremely late in finding this - but I tackled two big projects this month that fit into the category of a "mission" - so I decided that I would join in with this wonderful meme hosted by Mama Jen! I'll be set and ready to go for October!

September is a time of organization in our household. I went through the kids' closets and my own, getting rid of the summer items and replacing them with the fall/winter clothes. I did a big clean out of the coat closet, making room for heavy coats, boots, hats, scarves and gloves. We'll be needing them sooner than you'd think!

Besides those two things, I also changed around some book shelves and a bureau to make room for Em's new school books.

What projects did you complete so far in September?



  1. My project list is long and always a my friend! This month I got all the bookshelves in order and the pantry. Put away summer decorations and pulled out the fall stuff. Still to accomplish: the baking shelves, the blanket closet, my closet and the gardens outside.
    I did all the school organizing in Aug this year. First time ever to have it done by sept!!!! That was great.

  2. We're getting ready to move, so I'm working on packing up our entire household this month.