Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Time is Upon Us!

I am switching to Blogger from simply because latter site felt "clunky" to me. This will be easier!

I received a wonderful blessing this week. Emme goes to work with me 3 half days per week and she has her own desk with school supplies and everything she needs to do her school work while we are there. My boss GAVE her a mini notebook computer! It's only about 3 months old. She is so excited! She was asking for one for Christmas. She loves playing on Poptropica and several other websites. Plus I can download books for her to read on it as well. Yay! It's portable enough to bring back and forth to "work/school" (that is what we call it).

My good friend from high school and college is coming over tomorrow night. I haven't seen her in at least 6 or 7 years! I'm really excited to see her. She is a public school teacher in our city. She used to teach 5th grade and now she teaches 3rd. She is going to bring me some of the school books they are using for 5th grade this year! I'm happy about that as well.

I'm just starting to work on our lesson plan for this year. We start school on the day after Labor Day, just like my other two who are in public school, 7th and 9th grade. I love the planning phase, it's so fun.

Well, this is really my "testing" post - so I should see how it looks on the new blog!

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!


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