Saturday, August 21, 2010

5th Grade Plans

(8/21) I am so excited about so many things coming up this year of homeschooling! I received my curriculum yesterday and I am going to go about the job of getting my lesson plan done in the next few days.

We just started at a new church and I'm hopeful that it will bring Emme out of her shell a little bit. She also is taking an art class and a dance class. I think it will boost her confidence and help her to make some new friends.

I ordered the secondary planner from The Homeschool Store to organize everything this year. I'm using printables from Donna Young as well.

(9/6) Well tomorrow school starts for all three of my kids. The two older kids have their backpacks filled up and their clothes laid out for tomorrow. Emme doesn't have 1st day jitters. She'll sleep just find tonight! LOL Don't get me wrong, my older two do GREAT in public schools overall. They are nervous but happy to go back.

Since public schools have a half day, Em and I will too. We are following the same schedule - makes things a lot easier for Mom!

Most of her new subjects will be introduced tomorrow. We have new math, reading, English, US history/geography, and science books. I have the 6th grade spelling book she started the last term of 4th grade. She is going to start reading "The Witches" by R. Dahl and I found this resource pdf online. We'll also be doing a unit on the Salem witch trials and I found a lens on Squidoo. We visited Salem, Mass this summer and visited the museum and she is very interested. There is also a Squidoo lens on Roald Dahl.

For religion we'll be following a weekly Bible study that partners the Young Women of Faith Bible and the Women of Faith Bible so we can do the study together.

"Created to instill in young girls a habit of studying God's Word, the NIV "Young Women of Faith Bible" is filled with cool in-text features. Fifty-two weekly studies are thematically tied to the NIV "Women of Faith Study Bible" to encourage a time for mothers and daughters to share in God's Word. "

Well it's time to make sure everyone is in bed! Best of luck with your new school year!


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