Sunday, September 23, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Week in Review

 I am linked up this week to the Homeschool Mother's Journal as well as Weird, Unsocialized Homeschooler's Weekly Wrap Up!

*****I will be posting a HUGE list of freebie links later this week - for all subjects.  I have been working on the list for a couple of months now!  Feel free to bookmark me or follow me or even leave me a comment with your email address and I will share this list of free homeschool resources with you! ********

In my life this week…  This week was a tough one.  I found out that my best friend in the world (who lives several states away) may have breast cancer.  Her mammogram came back showing three lumps - so she is in the midst of more testing.  The same day I found this out, my 16-year-old was coming home from school with her best friend driving (also 16) and they got into a small car accident.  Jennah was very torn up and scared.  No one was hurt and there was very little damage, but it was still very traumatic! 
In our homeschool this week… We got a lot done this week.  We finished up the first chapter of Biology,  did several math lessons, and focused on George Washington this week.  Emily read about GW in "To the Best of My Ability" and "Presidents", and we watched the first episode of "The Story of Us" - which mentions GW toward the end. 

In poetry we discussed Lewis Carroll - and I was surprised to read in his biography what an unfortunate type of man he was!  We read a few of his poems, including "Jabberwocky". 
          In  current events we are continuing to cover the 2012 election, mostly using the news  and                      newspapers as well as these great resources! 

          Emily is working through the book of Luke in the Bible, writing out a verse daily.  She will have "Ann of Green Gables" finished up this weekend!  So excited to be sharing great literature with my daughters!

We did not get to nature study again this week :(   I am making it the focus of one day next week!  We are going for a short drive one day this week to Family Christian Bookstore to pick up "My Bible Journal:  A Journey Through the Bible for Kids"  -  it's not available at the FCB closest to our home - and while we are in the area, we are going to utilize a local park for a nature walk!  I hope to get some great pictures for next week.
I am inspired by… the thought that some time in the next 6 months - 1 year my children and I will be living in our own little home. 
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…  church on Sunday, visiting with my parents on Thursday and Saturday, Jake has a football game on Thursday as well.  That's about it so far!
My favorite thing this week was….. sharing a pair of earbuds to listen to "The Story of US" on our little laptop!
What’s working/not working for us… What is NOT working for me is that Netflix removed "The Story of Us" from streaming :(   I was looking forward to watching the entire series with Emily!
Questions/thoughts I have… Emily really wants to work French back into our homeschool.  I don't think we can do another complete subject at this point - but I decided to use a workbook I found at the used bookstore which uses stickers, flash cards, and a workbook to learn some conversational French. 
Things I’m working on…..Really deciding where my future is!  Our world is still right on the edge right now. 
I’m reading…  I have been reading "The Covenant" - a freebie for my Nook by Beverly Lewis.  I read it once before a long time ago.  I'm also reading"All Roads Lead to Austen" another freebie.  It's putting me in the mood to re-read some Austen!  Which is a good thing, as our new hs book club chose "Pride and Prejudice" for our first mother-daughter book!  Exciting!
I’m cooking… this morning I made banana chocolate-chip pancakes with turkey bacon and made some pumpkin muffins this afternoon.  This week I plan to make some bbq ribs in the Crockpot one night and some taco soup too.  Love the cooler weather!
I’m grateful for… So so grateful that my daughter was not hurt in the car accident!
I’m praying for…my friend Heather - that the lumps in her breasts will be non-cancerous.  Praying for the upcoming election, as I am very frightened about the future of our country.

Have a very blessed week and enjoy every moment with your children!



  1. Oh, gosh, all the best to your friend! And even fender-benders are scary! I'm glad everyone is OK!

    Exciting about living in your own home! Definitely something to look forward too!

  2. Oh, bummer about The Story of Us not being on Netflix anymore! Have you checked your local library? I know ours had it for checkout. We based our entire U.S. History curriculum on it last year. Loved it!!